Mission to the World

The missionaries in the list below are working for Mission to the World:

John & Sue – Missionary Mentoring
Craig & Ree Coulbourne – Japan
Jay & Holly Eastman – Germany
Jeff and Jamie – Asia
Rob & Jenny Ilderton – England
Kyria – West Africa
Jeff & Mischa – Global Training
Dan and Janet – Enterprise
Dale & Linda McLane – Christian School Development
Tom & Catalina – Europe
Dal & Beth Stanton – Bulgaria
Calvin & Geeta – Asia
Hugh & Martine Wessel – France
Bert & Nancy Williams – Uganda

Other Ministries and Missionaries

Christian Freedom International
Open Doors
The TentMaker Project
Greg & Sandy Baker – IVCF (University of Delaware)
Derek & Luda Bates – RUF (University of Pittsburgh)
Michael & Wendy Buchanan – Wycliffe
Ron & Donna Elkin – Ammi (Jewish Outreach)
Lee & Gerry Harclerode – CDC (Native American)
Bill Johnson – PEF (Africa)
Ben and Christy Spalink – City Grace Church, NYC
Sam & Elizabeth – Frontiers (Africa)

Denominational Ministry

Administrative Committee
Christian Education and Publications
Covenant College
Covenant Theological Seminary
Mission to North America
Pittsburgh Presbytery
Presbyterian Church in America
Reformed University Ministries
MNA- Chaplaincy Department
MNA- Special Needs Ministry
Presbytery Church Planting

Because of Maryland restrictions and the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently holding Sunday morning lives streams in addition to a limited gathering. We will be practicing social distancing and taking precautionary measures based on CDC guidlines. We ask that you wear a mask (we will provide one for you if needed) and come into our building from the front entrance.