Bible Studies

  1. Weekly meeting held at the church – 10:00 Wednesday mornings; begins with a prayer meeting at 9:00.
  2. Monthly meeting – usually 2nd Wednesday of the month, held in members’ homes; check the calendar for dates and location.
  3. Bi-weekly meeting – 6:30 pm, approximately every other week, held in a member’s home; check the calendar for dates.

Monthly Book Club

  • The women in our church are divided into Service Teams to better coordinate their ministry.
  • Quarterly planning meetings

Call the church at 301-729-0100 for more info.


Because of Maryland restrictions and the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently holding Sunday morning lives streams in addition to a limited gathering. We will be practicing social distancing and taking precautionary measures based on CDC guidlines. We ask that you wear a mask (we will provide one for you if needed) and come into our building from the front entrance.